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Baby Girl Halloween Costumes

baby girl halloween costumesBaby Girl Halloween Costumes


Here is the second part of a 2 part in our “two-part series” although that might be a bit fancy. Yesterday, we shared an article about baby boy Halloween costumes and today we’re going to feature some baby Halloween costumes.


Nothing’s more adorable that dressing up your baby in a Halloween costume. That’s just a fact of life. The sun will rise in the morning, the Earth is round, water is wet, candy is delicious and babies look adorable in Halloween costumes.


Our post yesterday looked into some places to order them, shared a little story about one of my first Halloweens (Awwww!) and gave some tips for buying Halloween costumes for babies. Today will be some of the same, with some fresh information as well – geared towards baby girls this time, rather than baby boys.


You can find a ton of great baby girl halloween costumes here. They’ve got everything from ladybugs, to Disney princesses, from pink lambs to baby buntings. There’s sure to be something perfect for the little girl in your life, and it’s from a site you know and trust – so you really can’t go wrong!


Have you taken a look around Halloween 365 24/7 yet?

We always like to remind our visitors that we’ve got all sorts of information about Halloween from planning a PERFECT Halloween party ideas to our famous Halloween count down. You’ll find all sorts of fun and helpful stuff on this site, so take your time to browse around and don’t forget to come back! It’s never the wrong month to celebrate Halloween.


We’ll keep things short today for this particular post, to give you a chance to browse the site and look around a little bit more. Do you have any suggestions of things we can do to improve the site? Make sure you get in touch and let us know so that we can bring you the exact types of content that you want, we love Halloween and want to share it with as many people as possible!

Baby Boy Halloween Costumes

baby boy halloween costumesBaby Boy Halloween Costumes For That Memorable First Halloween!

We might not remember our very first Halloween, but chances are there are some pictures around somewhere. Later on in life, your kids are going to be curious to see pictures of their first few Halloweens, so it can be a lot of fun to pick a really cool costume for them. There are a lot of baby boy Halloween costumes to choose from. If you’re looking for a baby girl Halloween costume instead, scroll down to the bottom and we’ll link you to another article on that topic. Either way, you’ll still find lots of useful information on this page about picking out Halloween costumes for babies!

I remember one of my first Halloweens (But only because I’ve seen the pictures!) I had some fabric draped over me and a sombrero, with a thin black mustache drawn on my face. Earlier that month, my family had taken a trip to Mexico and I wanted to look like the people I saw there. In hindsight, it may not have been the most racially sensitive costume, you may recall a lot of advertising campaigns this past Halloween pointing out that it’s kind of offensive to dress as a particular race for Halloween, but it was all in fun and I guess things were a little bit different back then.

There are a lot of places online where you can order baby boy Halloween costumes, or you can do what my mother did and make them from scratch. It really depends what you’re going for, and both choices are good ones. If you’re handy with sewing and making stuff, it can be a lot of fun and very and a memorable experience to make one from scratch. At the end of this article, we’ll point you towards a few trustworthy places that you can shop for online to find the best prices and the best selection, too.

Last Halloween my nephew dressed up as a cow. It was an adorable little costume that even had a little hat with ears on it. My sister-in-law isn’t too handy with a sewing machine… Don’t tell her I said that… but it was a good idea for them to just buy the costume (in my opinion!) I think they got it at a local store, rather than ordering online, come to think of it. In any case, here are some ideas for making your own baby boy Halloween costumes.

Look around online! We’ve already published some articles about making your own costumes, so take a good look around this site for starters. There are many resources for inspiration. Pinterest is a great place to look for baby costume ideas, too!

That’s it for the topic of baby boy Halloween costumes for now. If you’re looking for costumes for baby girls, check out our baby girl Halloween costumes page. We hope this page has given you some ideas and inspiration because it can be tricky to come up with the perfect costumes.


Halloween Costume Resources:


– Visit our Baby Girl Halloween Costumes page here.

– Click here to see some adult Halloween costumes.

– Here you’ll find our favorite place to order costumes online.


Thanks for looking and as usual – Happy Halloween, all year ’round!

Halloween 2013-Coming Soon

halloween 2013Halloween 2013 Will Be Here Before You Know It, Get Ready!

First of all, Halloween 2013 takes place on Thursday, October 31, 2013. Every Halloween is observed by a number of different festivities and ways to have fun. Some of the traditional festivities include trick or treating, pumpkin carving, having a Halloween or costumes party.

There are numerous ways to have fun on Halloween, no matter which year it is, or which year it will be.However, for Halloween 2013, the Halloween ways to have fun will only get more creative in detail. This, is because each Halloween that passes by is always a little bit better than the previous year before.

So, with this said, all about Halloween 2013 for your information can be whatever you desire it to be in scope and celebration. If a part of celebrating Halloween 2013 for yourself is seeing a Halloween movie or several horror movies for lots of fun.

Halloween 2013 will be the projected release date for the new “Paranormal Activity 5” will open up at movie theaters on October 25, 2013. There is also another movie that is currently in production and slated to be released in the USA on October 1st, 2013. This movie is called “The Last Halloween” and is a horror movie being made by D.C. Productions.

Horror movies are definitely the “it” thing, when it comes to Halloween 2013, or any other annual Halloween for that matter. The Sacramento Horror Film Festival is the place that any horror buff wants to be in the month of October, Halloween 2013. This is because, this once a year big horror event has it all as far as the subject of horror goes. This event is scheduled for October 11th – through October 13th 2013.

Halloween 2013 will have a lot of very unique and scary events going on. Each Halloween that passes by only gets better and better, and this New Year Halloween promises to be a real winner in every frightful way.


Halloween Safety Tips For Kids

halloween Halloween Safety is everyone’s concern.

After yet another long year filled with waiting, anticipation, and finally more waiting –  it’s just about time for Halloween again! Halloween 2012 promises to be a great one. So, you have the costumes all picked out and ready to go, you have picked out some tasty candy to hand out, the kids have plans in place of what they’re going to be doing – what’s left? Now it is time for the boring, but very important stuff. So what is a little less exciting than dressing up and getting free candy? Well, besides just about everything, it’s safety on Halloween. Everyone has their own viewpoints on how to keep their kids safe, but we’re going to be going over some very general guidelines to keep in mind. This is in no way a complete-guide-to-Halloween-safety, but rather a reference and a great starting point!

First of all, and this is mostly just a courtesy rather than a safety issue, but teach your children not to trick or treat at houses that have all of their lights off. This generally means that the person is not interested in handing out candy, and would just like to be left alone. Not only that, but children shouldn’t be wandering into dark yards either, even if it is Halloween. If you see decorations in the yard, pumpkins on the steps, it’s safe to assume they want people to trick or treat at their house, but otherwise just leave them alone.

If your children are too young to go out by themselves, make sure you go with them or that they are looked after by another adult. As a general rule of thumb, if your child is young enough to trick or treat then they aren’t old enough to go by themselves. If they’re still going out at age 12, 13.. that’s generally a good age for children to start going by themselves, it will likely be their last year, afterwards they will probably just want to hang out with friends on Halloween ,or pass out candy at home, or even just relax and watching scary movies – rather than actually going door to door to collect candy.

It’s important to wear some kind of reflective clothing, it doesn’t have to interfere with the costume,. it can be a reflector on the back or a light or any number of options. Just something that cars will be able to see, since when it is dark and exciting on halloween night, that’s when kids tend to forget to look both ways before crossing the street.

A final popular piece of advice that we’ll close on is to not accept candy that is homemade or that doesn’t have a wrapper, or if there is any damage to the wrapper. If you don’t want to be rude, say thanks and smile, but remove the candy before getting home. It is a shame that we have to take this precaution, since certainly the candy would be safe more than 99 out of 100 times, and it is kind of disrespectful for the people who took time to bake treats, however it is definitely a taboo in society and everyone needs to recognize that.

It’s important to be safe and to take the necessary precautions, but don’t forget that Halloween is about having fun! You don’t want to ruin the excitement by being stressed out and worried, kids can sense that and it can put a damper on their fun, too. Use common sense, make sure your kids are easy to see in the dark, make sure all of the candy is wrapped and they’re properly supervised and everything should go perfectly!

Current Event Halloween Costumes

Costumes and Party Supplies

current event halloween costumesWhat Are The Current Event Halloween Costumes for 2012?

Check out this post!

Current event Halloween costumes are all the rage, and have been for a number of years.

It seems that when ever there is some kind of episode, people will flock to there local costume store or costume website to find the perfect costume to emulate there favorite current event.

Current event Halloween costumes can be anything from the Political theater to something as tasteless as a tragic shooting.

Whatever it is, you can bet that people will want to emulate the particular current event.

With the upcoming presidential election, can you resist the temptation to show your support for your party by wearing there visage?

I should think not! Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, whatever your political affiliation, you would be guaranteed laughs if you showed up at your Halloween party showing your support for your favorite candidate.

Or maybe you want to go on the tasteless side of things by dressing as The Dark Knight. Sure, it might not be in good taste, but it is most certainly one of the finest current event Halloween costumes.

There are many current event Halloween costumes out there, and with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to decide.

What ever you decide, it should be noted that you can find anything that you are looking for as far as current event Halloween costumes at your favorite online Halloween store.

Check out some of your favorite online Halloween stores today for some truly great current event Halloween costumes, you are sure to find something that suits your taste preference.

With whatever you decide for your current event Halloween costumes, keep in mind that it is important to keep safe, don’t take things too seriously, and above all, have fun!

Have A Great Halloween!

Buy Halloween Costumes Online

buy halloween costumesWhy Buy Halloween Costumes online?-Here are the top 10 reasons as chosen by a jury of your peers.

Top 10 Reasons To Buy Halloween Costumes Online

The popularity of online shopping is growing exponentially every single year, but you probably already know that by now. We order books online, presents, things for the home. Online shopping sees big spikes during certain times of year, like seasonal holidays. If you’re on the fence and still deciding if you want to buy Halloween costumes online or not, this article will inform you on the benefits. It’s also important to note that and website we recommend to you for ordering a costume will be 100% safe, secure and trustworthy.

For example, many people are choosing to buy  Halloween costumes online and it’s getting more popular by the year. There are plenty of reasons for this, some of them are obvious but some you may not have realized, and we’re going to be looking at the Top 10 reasons that we’ve heard from people for buying their costumes online instead of in a store.

Price – Online stores aren’t faced with the same expensive overhead as retail stores. They specialize in just costumes, so the price of keeping fresh carrots in the produce aisle isn’t forcing you to have to pay more for your costume. Basically, they’re able to charge less since they don’t need to pay for expensive retail space and they do a lot of volume since they’re selling to the entire world through the internet. These savings are passed on to you, the savvy-shopper.

Convenience – This speaks for itself. What is more convenient than being able to order from your computer screen? In just a few clicks, you can have your next great Halloween costume on it’s way to your door.

Uniqueness – If you want a costume that nobody has seen before, you probably aren’t going to find it in the same local stores that everyone else goes to for costumes. There are some great, small boutique stores around that have a very unique selection but the best place to look is still on the internet. You aren’t limited to what the store owner decided to stock, you can choose from absolutely every costume idea that exists.

Selection – You can get EXACTLY what you you’re looking for, even if you aren’t exactly sure what you want yet. The point is, you don’t have to settle when you buy halloween costumes online, the entire world wide web at your disposal.

Browsing – To expand upon the point that you can find a great selection online, it’s also great if you aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for and you just want to browse for some ideas. It’s easy to have a few tabs open and to jump from store to store online, in fact it’s much easier than driving all around town and wasting a bunch of money on gas.

Returns – Doesn’t fit like you hoped, or just not quite what you had mind? Most stores have very liberal return policies, and some will even send you a pre-paid box to mail it back in. So why is this one of the reasons to shop online for costumes? Because it’s actually sometimes easier to return something you bought online than to take it back to a retail store around the holidays especially when the stores are always busy and crowded. Save yourself the headache this year!

Mix ‘n Match – It would take you all day to run around to a bunch of different stores, and chances are you still might not find EXACTLY what you want. How many times have you settled on a costume that isn’t just right? If you can’t find a perfect costume online, you can just combine parts of different costumes. Many sites sell individual accessories, so you can mix and match until you have created something one of a kind for yourself.

Always Open – The internet doesn’t close at 8pm, so no need to worry about rushing off from work to make it in time. Just plan to order with enough time for your costume to be shipped to you, and you’re set! Shipping times can vary, but we recommended adding a day or two to their estimate at least, just to make sure. If you’re cutting it close, just splurge for the expedited shipping – you’re already saving money anyways!

Discounts – We’ve already mentioned the prices, which are almost universally lower to start with when you compare a reputable online costume shop with a local shop. On top of that, you can easily shop for discounts online, comparing costumes based on the best prices or the highest percentage of savings.

Product Information – When you’re buying costumes from a store, it’s kind of a “what you see is what you get” situation a lot of the time. Mind you, there are some store owners who really know their products and if they’re helpful you should support them, but they’re becoming less and less popular, and you won’t find anyone in most stores that carry costumes that knows anything about the costume at all. So, what you’re able to determine from the packaging is all you’re going to know. Online, however, you can find pages of product information along with Halloween costume reviews, too.

We’ve mentioned the vast amounts of places you can buy Halloween costumes online, but there is one last thing to consider. Even though the world wide web is a great place to shop for costumes, not all sites are created equal. Some will charge a lot more than others, simply hoping you find them first and don’t shop around any further. Don’t worry, at Halloween 365- 24/7 we’ve done all the heavy lifting in order to provide you with the very best resources for buying costumes online. It’s just about time to buy Halloween costumes online if you want them to arrive on time.

Whether you’re looking to win a best-costume contest, or simply find something passable for the office party you don’t really want to go to anyways – It’s pretty obvious that whatever you’re trying to accomplish, the best way is to buy Halloween costumes online.

If you are looking to buy halloween costumes online, click on the banner below.

Best Halloween Costumes of 2012

What Are The Best Halloween Costumes of 2012? Let’s Have a Count Down!

Compiling a list of the best halloween costumes of 2012 has been no easy task to achieve.  There are literally 10’s of thousands of costumes out there that deserve the title of best halloween costume.

Choosing a list of only5 costumes to vie for the position of best halloween costumes is not a task that should only be granted to one person, but since no one else was brave enough to take the task, the onus  fell on the shoulders of this one individual to pick a list of top 10 best halloween costumes.

So without further ado, here is my top 10 list of best halloween costumes as selected by an “impartial” jury of 3-me,myself and I.


best halloween costumes5. Avatar-Even though it was a great movie, Avatar seems a little done to death.  That is why i am listing it at the number 5 position of best halloween costumes. However, with this skin tight number, your lady will be lookin’  fine on your side.









best halloween costumes4. The Incredible Hulk-At one time, Lou Ferigno was the Hulk.  The campy ’70’s T.V series did more for the Hulk than both new Movies and the Avengers combined.  Or maybe it is just because I am a throw-back to the 70’s. Either way, the Hulk deserves a position in annals of costume history. It isn’t THE best, but it is most certainly one the best halloween costumes out there.








best halloween costumes3.Harry Potter is arguably one of the best book/movie franchises ever made.  J.K Rowling’s imagination has been brought to life 100%, and it has turned an entire generation of children on to reading, making it “cool”.  With the runaway success of the movies, it is easy to find the best halloween costumes.  Check out this link if you want to see some more Harry Potter Costumes.








best halloween costumes2.Super Hero Costumes-2012 has seen a huge increase in the amount of comic books being turned into movies.  And all I have to say is—Thank you, Hollywood,THANK YOU!  Movies like Iron Man,Spiderman,Thor,The Avengers,Fantastic Four,The X-Men…I could add more but you have already seen the movies. If you haven’t, I can assure you that these movies could have quite possibly the best Halloween costumes out there, but unfortunately, they just aren’t number 1.







best halloween costumes1.Darth Vader-The true personification of evil. The arch enemy of all that is good.  Darth Vader will live for ever as the number 1 in the list of best halloween costumes.  When ever I hear Vader’s slow, rhythmic mechanical breath, it sends a chill down my spine that the Force just can’t take away.  I feel his evil presence where ever I run to in the Galaxy. All the Star Wars costumes are great, but Darth Vader is, in my books, the Grand Marshal in this parade of best halloween costumes.







But really, don’t take my word for it.  You might have your own list of best halloween costumes, and if you do, that’s great!  If you want, like my Facebook Fanpage and start a discussion. Tell us what you think are the best halloween costumes.  And, if you are looking for more halloween costumes, why not give the banner below a click? There you will find all of the best Halloween costumes in one site.

Thank you for reading my post, Have a great Halloween!

100 Days Until Halloween-Are You Ready?

What Should I Be For Halloween?

what should i be for halloweenWhat Should I Be For Halloween?-A Good Question With Unlimited Answers!

What should I be for Halloween?  How many times have you asked yourself this question and weren’t able to arrive to any definite conclusion?  For me, it usually starts around the end  July and carries on until the middle of September, with no major decision until the second week of October and then it’s a mad scramble too find something to throw together as a half baked excuse for a Halloween costume.  Usually it will involve grabbing a chef knife and chef jacket from work, splattering myself with some fake blood, sticking my knife in a box of cornflakes and going as the cereal killer chef.  Pretty lame, but it will usually do in a pinch.

When you ask yourself what should i be for Halloween, do you come up with something creative? I had a friend once that constructed a little ugly alien head from toilet paper rolls, ripped a small hole in an old t-shirt, stuck the head through the hole, splattered himself appropriately with some fake blood and was the guy in the movie Aliens. Then, the next year, he constructed wings from lightweight wood and black garbage bags.  Now that may not seem like such a big deal, but when the costume was done, and he was showing everyone, we saw that he had constructed his wings in such a way, that he was able to pull on twin strings and thus spread his wings at his own whim.  It was quite a magnificent to say the least.

So many people have asked themselves “What should I be for Halloween”, and when they do they will invariably come up with some kind of super hero costume. Which is really no surprise given the amount of Super hero movies that have sprung up in recent years.  Movies like Batman:The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, and the fourth installment of Spiderman just to name a few.

Or perhaps you enjoy a more risque Halloween. Well there is nothing wrong with that.  If you want to be a hot fireman or a sexy nurse then go ahead and be that.  There is no judgement here.  Some of the best costumes are on the skimpy/sexy side.  Basically, if it feels good do it.

No matter what you want to be this Halloween, you can find it at any local costume shop, or online at places like Spirit Halloween, or my favorite, Click on there banner to check them out today!


Halloween Costumes


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